GPT Stories (7/27/20)

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⚙️ Developer Tools

Dolores is a Python library designed to improve the developer experience when working with pre-trained language models. Dolores provides prompts for interacting with language models that result in interesting or useful outputs. The purpose of this library is to simplify the learning curve by providing easy to use examples and sample text to get started. Additionally, it has the broader goal of becoming the most comprehensive repository of quality prompts for interacting with language models.

It’s easy to get started with two lines of code:

Keras Model Creation

NodeJS Wrapper for GPT-3 API

🤯 Demos

Google Docs Autocomplete

Sandbox for Web Applications

Twitter avatar for @notsleepingturkBora Uyumazturk @notsleepingturk
After struggling to prime GPT-3 and spending hours coding a basic demo, @sh_reya and I wrote…, a tool that takes care of all the web dev details and provides a convenient priming interface. Here I create a recipe generator with just ~30 lines of python. Image

🧠 Fiction

Handwritten letters


Love Letters From A Toaster

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